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Team 747 rides again
Greetings Fellow Boatmadders
As the title says, Team 747 will ride again this year. We managed about 4 years in my faithful Spearfish and since then I’ve personally been on the edges of the sport riding in other people’s boats(HTS, Biretta and Hibernia, thank you one and all).
Well the time came last year to bite the bullet and purchase a race boat again. I have bought John Ryan(Team Hibernia)’s spare boat the ex-Garmin Hunton 39. Crew will be John Guille(class 3A world champion), Robin Ward(Thunderstreak) and myself. A lot of time has been spent choosing drivetrain. With Robin’s superb engineering knowledge and ability we were able to confidently opt for petrol V8s. The final spec is as follows: 850hp supercharged 570 ci V8s to go with Arneson asd8s and 1.5:1 BPM dropboxes. Shiftable BW 72s give us manoeuvrability. The whole package has started assembly and we hope to be ready end of June for some serious testing before CTC.
In case of any interest I’ll post updates and photos as we go along.
Wish us all luck. This should be a nice little package for a class A ‘starter’ boat!
All the best
Jonathan Napier

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