It gives me great pleasure to announce the this years winner of the LEVI TROPHY is Charles Lawrence……there was a three way tussle for the top spot but after producing his magnificent coffee table tome on the Fairey Craft there was no contest…without Charles and his delving into the history of  powerboating in the last 50 years the world would be a much poorer place.

The trophy will be presented on Saturday afternoon at the Classic Rally by Barry Sales.


50 years ago

August 13th 1964 Cowes Torquay
The entry list topped out at 57 of which 45 actually started
50% of which were everyday production cruisers.
Horsepower ranged from 150 to 1200hp with a length
of 21 to 40 ft, the entries came from Italy, the USA and Norway…..
The weather was fine and calm…the winners speed was a tad under 49mph with the journey taking 3hrs 50mins…..thousand’s of spectators lined the route from the start at Cowes to Torbay with an estimated 3000 at the Portland Bill vantage point….and the winner was Surfrider

Oh for the good old days!…

CTC Spectator advice

Advice for Spectator Craft in the Solent – Sunday 31 August 2014
Rob Andrews OOD

The annual Cowes-Torquay-Cowes Offshore Powerboat Race will take place on SUNDAY 31 AUGUST 2014. The racing fleet will be passing, at speed, through the Western Solent and the following guidance is provided for spectators and other pleasure craft.

Race Start
Activity will commence at approximately 08:45 when the racing fleet will muster to the east of Cowes Harbour entrance. Race boats will then pass in a convoy, at speed, between Snowden and Trinity House buoys before starting the actual race immediately to the north of Gurnard cardinal buoy at 09:00. (See schematic diagram 1 below).

The start area will be controlled by a number of patrol boats flying RYA flags. Spectators are requested to remain to the North of the northern line of patrol boats or to the South of the southern line.

After the start, the race boats will pass north of E Lepe and Sconce before leaving the Solent at about 09:15 on a course for the SW Shingles buoy in the vicinity of the Needles.

Race Finish
Race boats are expected to return on a reciprocal course through the Western Solent between 14:30 and 17:30 in the afternoon, finishing north of Gurnard cardinal buoy.

Race Safety Control

Marshal/Patrol boats – flying blue flags bearing the legend ‘RYA Official’ or ‘RYA Marshal’ – will monitor key areas of the course and advise other craft of racing activity.

Race Safety Control may be contacted on VHF Channel 37 should any vessel have any further concerns regarding this event.

Race boat exclusion zones
The areas north of a line joining Lepe Spit – West Lepe – Solent Bank – Lymington Bank – Hurst Point, and south of a line joining Gurnard – Gurnard Ledge – Salt Mead – Hamstead Ledge – Sconce are Exclusion Zones for race boats. Spectator craft and others wishing to remain safely clear of the racing line are strongly advised to remain within these racing Exclusion Zones during the start and finish of the race. (See schematic diagram 2 below)

Race Safety Control may be contacted on VHF Channel 37 should any vessel have any further concerns regarding this event.

Motor Boat Monthly

Journalist Mike Taylor is producing some Classic boating articles for MBM…first up is the Christina…featuring Andrew Cooper’s La Garoupe…next will be Lady Emma a Levi Triana…..

Class 3

Where have all the class 3 boats gone?……bar for the odd Scorcerer and a few Avengers known to exist there is little evidence of the old raceboats from the late 60′s….and there were a lot of AVENGER 21′S..Red Aliigator, Screwdriver, Shady Lady, Badger where is AVENGER alias SCAVENGER? The Levi designed Double M hulls…Vertigo… Towmotor

The fate of the class 3 craft seems to be more disasterous than the C1 and 2 boats…and from the early years the one off’s are even rarer, its a miracle Thunderflash survived…what happened to the Tremletts and Stapley’s…back in the early 80′s I had a chance to buy Volare from a guy in Boscombe I wonder what happened to her? no matter how many times you traul through Boats and Outboards or ebay very little appears. Most became firewood I suppose unless you know better!

Photos courtesey of Graham Stevens