Spitfire Merlin aero engine powered Dayboat?

and the fuel cost is?

Brian Hendicott

Sadly we have to report that Brian Hendicott passed away on May the 11th. Funeral details will be advised when received.


Brian first came to notice racing with Ian Driver in Black Marlin in the early sixties then later with Pasco Watson, Norman Fletcher and later with Noel Edmunds… is very sad to learn of another racer passing on especially as he was the subject of discussion at the COPC May Rally dinner on the previous day. Brian lived his last years in Market Bosworth and spent every day by the waters edge at the Bosworth Water Trust regaling his friends with tales of his powerboating days.

The funeral will take place at Market Bosworth St Peters church at 14.30pm on the Thursday 22 May and afterwards a celebration at Bosworth Water Trust . They have a website and fb page, Nigel Riley is the owner and a good friend of Brian.


Channel Islands Christina

Please note now reduced contact the vendors directly

” Price Reduction” – for details  contact the broker

Mike Brennan 0n 01481 726335 or

A well maintained Christina has come up for sale all details below..please contact vendors directly if interested.


Lucky to be alive

Just a short piece to advise all club members that with summer coming be vigilant on the roads! Saturday May 3rd saw my car hit by a tourist’s 4×4, he came out of a junction on a main road without double checking for traffic!….the resultant collision saw my car flying off the road at 40 mph into a ditch 50 yards further on resulting in a total write off but mercifully no injuries bar whiplash….painful enough though!. I do not want to hear of any incidents involving members so as I said please take care.

Spring Rally

Ok so a Rally with no boats…in the conditions that prevailed on the 10th of May it is no wonder but at least we had a marvellous turnout for the visit to the Classic Boat Museum and despite 5 unfortunate cancellations 20 of us sat down to a cracking good meal at the Island YC in the evening with our President Ray Bulman entertaining member’s with a brief but very humourous reparte of his involvement with the sport of Offshore Racing.

If you are ever in Cowes the museum is well worth a visit not only for a very good mix of “classic boats” but an archive in which you could spend many hours researching anything maritime from the early 1900′s onward but the threat of losing their “home” still looms large. They are also heavily involved in the restoration of some old and rare craft and by visiting this volunteer run museum you would be increasing their visitor numbers which would bode well for their future!…but and there is always a but ! it transpires that even the iconic Columbine building once home to Saunders Roe / British Hovercraft Corp,  with the landmark Union Jack is under threat of demoltition….Cowes without that would no longer be Cowes lets hope sense prevails.

I think we can safely say that with a little fine tuning and some better spring weather!, the May Rally will become a regular event and guess what the heatwave I predited in January is about to come to fruition …if only the others would materialise also!…..