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Wet and Windy BBJ

Anything and everything conspired against a successful Beaulieu Boat Jumble for both the jumblers and COPC’s first visit as guests of the CMBA but despite everything most people enjoyed the weekend and a lot was learnt for our return next year again in conjuntion with our hosts.

It was the weather which created most problems when after a reasonably sunny Saturday set up the wind and rain created a quagmire for Sundays 10am opening..the big disappointment for COPC was the arrival of Robin Ward minus THUNDERSTREAK!..after towing problems resulted in him having to return home leave TS and unload THUNDERFLASH, rehitch and return on his journey south. So instead of the planned 4 boats we were down to 3.. Jeremy Pack with the updated 1962 CT entrant BELINDA, the 1963 Tommy Sopwith circuit/class3 racer THUNDERFLASH and now taking pride of place Clive Bakers stunning Wellcraft SHADOW WARRIOR. Clive and his wife Sue had also brought along a matching gazebo, chairs, food, sweets and some liquid refreshment for which we were all most grateful.   The rain started coming down in heavy prolonged showers just as the Jumble opened and did not relent until 2ish! but we had a steady trickle of visitors including John Leaver who has recently purchased Ja Conja and the sons of a gentleman who crewed aboard Tramontana 2, regretably their details were mislaid but they have promised to forward a picture they had.

Thanks to everyone who made the effort in sometimes apalling conditions and the good news is we are invited back next year!

Mike.                  PS picture of Belinda to be added!


Museum location?



A little bird has advised that there maybe an ideal location for a Powerboat Museum here as the current residents (Hovercraft Museum) maybe pulling out….shall we make enquiries……..It is under Government control but who knows ..worth a shot?



Remember this posted in History on the old site…under BRUCE CAMPBELL sidelines…she sold in the States for $75,000…..1 of only four in the world, she was purchased here in UK and restored stateside……what are we doing wrong?


We cannot take goods for sale to the Jumble but if anyone wishes to dispose of items we can compile a list of the same and it will be displayed on our stand with contact numbers and names against the items.
Please send your for sale items care of TOMMYSTBOLT@ aol.com

Look forward to seeing members there at what is shaping up to be a great day out!