COPC May Rally

Classic Offshore are pleased to announce the “MAY RALLY” which we hope will become a yearly fixture..the dates are 9th 10th and 11th of May and the first will be based in COWES. 

The main event day will be Saturday the 10th and includes the CLASSIC MOTORBOAT MUSEUM…with buffet lunch. In the evening join us for dinner with special guest Club President RAY BULMAN who will enthral and entertain diners with stories from his vast knowledge of the sports history.

We look forward to welcoming all club members and friends plus the event is also open to non members. Bring your boat or arrive by ferry, full entry form will go online in the next 24hrs.

Weekend Cost £45.00 plus £10 surcharge for non members or Museum Visit and buffet only £20…. for those intending to arrive by boat arrangements have been made with the Cowes Yacht Haven.

How to rescue SURFURY

I have been asked how and why no one is able to take Surfury on…. this is the answer…

Firstly you need a suitable space to display it must be large enough to accommodate her and for her to be displayed correctly, remember she is 36ft long, 42 on trailer…the trailer is old and extremely cumbersome (we are talking 1965 design and build)..she should really be in a proper display cradle.

Next…She will only be handed on loan permanent or otherwise to a suitable Museum or Charitable Trust who can prove they have the resources and premises in which to keep her. This is where the Classic Boat Museum Cowes comes into the picture but until they have a suitable “large” premises they are unlikely to be able to take her on although they would like to do so but cannot as their situation is “unpredictable”.

Hence the first objective is to secure the future of the CBM in Cowes there must be a building which would be suitable to accommodate them in the town and become a sure fire tourist attraction.You would then need to get a philanthropist or 2 onboard to underwrite the future of such a project (Peter de Savary etc etc)

Once the above is in place an application would have to be made to the NMM for charitable custody of her along with proof that she would be in secure tenureship. This I believe would be no problem as in the case of the Basildon museum where she was on permanent loan till they folded.

Basically it all comes down to money, sponsorship and suitable building PREFERABLY IN COWES! Then with that secured she would be released and the work could begin…if the CBM had such a building then the whole history of our boating industry could take on a proper form and be a genuine representation of an industry that generates an income of £3 billion annually!

I rest my case!


Whilst searching for answers to the Delta 28 mystery and as to the fact whether the previous article shows her with cabin / wheelhouse, I came across this built by Souters and designed by one Erbil Seter who specialised in Naval craft. Graham (the Fish) supplied me with a picture of her in “build” but it did not show the unusual lines that appear here…..I understand she was later broken up…cannot image why!

Is Delta still with us?

Following on from the Surfury saga I remember finding a photo of Delta with a cabin (in colour) and based in the South of France. Unable to find any trace of it I posted a request on Boatmad and guess who came up trumps…

Graham of course! not only that but who knew that she spent time in the USA racing?…neither did I. The only question now is where is she if she is still with us? anyone know ? bear in mind the advert was 33 odd years ago.



Whilst hunting for a photograph of DELTA 28 with cabin as seen about 4 years ago I came across these pictures of Spirit of Ecstacy before she was broken up in the Soto Grande compound….sad end to a beautiful craft.