January….Rumours of old Powerboat in south coast scrapyard investigated.

February…Jacky S discovered in scrapyard! but which one?

March……Hoard of old powerboat films found

April….2 restored powerboats made major appearance at Beaulieu Boat Jumble end of April.

May……Committee ready for start of new season.

June…Start of long hot summer predicted!!!!!

July….40 plus entries received for August’s Classic Rally!

August…Major coup for Classic Rally as TRAMONTANA 2 comes over from Germany!

September….More old boats found!

October……Surfury is given new home in Cowes

November…Plans for Historic Racing series released.

December…Its Bah Humbug time again…!!!!!!!!

Bill Maloney

We are sad to report the death of Bill Maloney of Sorcerer Boats.

There will be a funeral at 3.00pm at Poole Crematorium on Tuesday 7th January 2014 and a gathering afterwards in Three Legged Cross.

Please email info@sorcererboats.com for further information.


On behalf of all the committee I would like to wish all members a Very Happy Christmas and aninteresting New Year….2014 holds many exciting developments for the Club and we look forward to seeing you at any of the following events planned.

The Beaulieu Boat Jumble in April

The Cowes Classic Boat Museum in May

The Classic Cowes Rally in August

Also to look forward to the appearance of some rather special “restored” historic boats…..


Motor Boats Monthly

For a long time now the Yachting Press has paid scant attention to the Classic movement let alone powerboat racing..our premier yachting magazines have little regard for the past, the sport (Motor powered) and those companies now long gone, who made British Boatbuilding the best in the world…But we now have a major publication to champion our cause and help raise awareness to the boating public of all things “historical” and the need to keep such items in the public eye.

Since the Classic Rally in Cowes MBM has featured and supported our cause with a vigor that deserves our full support.  We start the New Year with an issue in which it firmly hoist’s its flag to the mast in our favour! We owe Sally Coffey and her team our sincere thanks and gratitude for their interest and genuine reporting the like of which has not been seen for many a year.

Mike James Commodore COPC

Times Past

Looking through an old box of CT items I came across these, taken with old instamatic so best size I can do but priceless anyway…remember these?  Check out the Toyota which was part of Satisfactions prize!!…..and remember what happened to Seabird Stilletto!?