Channel Island resident Bill Walden has now sold “Charleston” the Fairey Swordsman that once belonged to Peter deSavary and was used by him as support boat during his America’s Cup pursuit in the 1980′s…another “classic” going into restoration….now Bill get the Christina “Blue Blazes” finished !


Some fascinating photo’s have come come to light showing the Foden powered Anglesey 2 and of Anglesey 1 which was powered by Crusaders but sank in Torquay after the 62 race.
An event that helped to make Foden marine engines famous was the 1963 Cowes to Torquay power boat race. The race was reported by Mr Les Jago, Foden Marine Engines Sales Manager and his report is reproduced below.

In December 1962 we were approached by Mr. C. W. T. Pochin, an enthusiastic yachtsman, who had competed on two previous occasions in the Daily Express Offshore Power Boat Race with moderate success. For the 1963 race he intended to build and enter a boat in the hope of winning the “All British” category, the “Diesel Class,” and first place overall if this were possible.

Two FD.12 Mark VII turbo-charged engines were built and installed in “Anglesey II.” They were rated at 400 s.h.p. each and drove 28″ diameter propellers of 36″ pitch at 1200 rpm. through vee-drive gearboxes. The reversing gearboxes were supplied by the Self Changing Gear Co. Ltd., type MR. 700.

The engines for this year’s race were limited to a maximum capacity of 32.8 litres and the engines in “Anglesey II” were no more than 19.2 litres. Even so, with a total installed horse-power of 800, “Anglesey II” was the most powerful diesel boat in the race. She was designed to take heavy punishment and unfortunately, from her owner’s point of view, the day of the race produced a calm sea which did not enable her to make full use of her excellent sea-keeping qualities.

She was disqualified before the race started for minor infringements of the design regulations concerning internal fittings such as cabin seats, bunks, the cooker, sink and lavatory. Mr. C. W. T. Pochin, however, decided to run over the course, although he could not qualify for any prize, in order to prove her capability. He actually moved off from the starting line 7 minutes after the remaining competitors had got clear.

Anglesey II completed the course in 5 hrs. 55 mins. and she was the 7th boat across the finishing line. After making the 7 minute correction for her late start, she would have been 4th and had she been an official entrant, she would have been placed 3rd due to the disqualification of “Tramontana II.” She would have also been the 1st “All British” boat home and the 1st diesel powered boat. In fact, she arrived at Torquay 35 minutes in front of “Giovanna,” which was the official winner of the Diesel Class. The machinery ran faultlessly throughout and at the end of the course 80 gallons of fuel were left out of the 295 gallons with which she started.

OWNER : Mr. C.W.T. Pochin, managing director of Pochin (Manchester) Ltd., King Street Works, Middlewich, Cheshire.

PILOT : Mr. James Dale, Torbay Marine Co.

NAVIGATOR : Mr. W. R. Verity, site director, Messrs. Pochin.

EXTRA HAND : Mr. B. Flwod -Thain, Messrs. Pochin.

ENGINEER : Mr. H. Wright, Fodens, who installed the engines and was with

(The article has been copied from “The Foden News” October 1963 – Ed)












1963 Watson

Sorry about quality of the picture but does anyone have any idea if Zingara Mia has survived to the present day?  we have a request to help track this boat down last seen in 1971 painted white with orange transom…this unique Watson design was one of the first British boats to sport a Flybridge!    Picture courtesy of Graham.



A little bird tells me that the Historic Class in the 2014 Cowes-Torquay -Cowes (subject to it running of course) will witness a new competitor for HTS, Dry Martini and any other entrants….this will be the reborn Bertram 31 Thunderstreak which is currently undergoing a major refit after spending the past 47 years in limbo…..picture this twin Ford Dearborne’s of unspecified hp with a new cabin top resembling a well known 1964 winner….we wish the new owner Robin Ward good luck with his venture and advise you to look out in late spring 2014 for her testing in Hamble and the Solent…..

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