Here is the latest picture of THUNDERSTREAK…Tommy Sopwith’s Bertram 31 that he raced in 63/64…..or really you could call her DUMBSTRUCK.!..the things people do to these old girls!!  The photo has been taken prior to a chainsaw attack by the new owner who is restoring her to original specification and how she should look once returned to original.


Ah, subliminal commercial advertising . . .

Nicely done and very interesting, but if the name C Raymond Hunt was actually mentioned, I missed it.
Also the fact that Dick Bertram’s epiphany took place on 16th July 1958, one day before Beken was taking shots of Bruce Campbell in the Solent, driving a completed Christina 23 . . . Dick Fairey and Bruce Campbell had appreciated the potential of the Hunt hull more than a year earlier, and Fairey Marine had them in production.
And of course even before that George O’Day had got Bill Dyer of Rhode Island to build four of the 23 footers in GRP – it was one of these boats that Dick Bertram had observed.