A few more pictures of David Heffer’s restoration of the Cox and Haswell designed Pegasus from Christchurch Yacht Co…Iooking at the quality of workmanship it looks as though she will be absolutely stunning ….bring on the Classic Rally! 

and in David’s own word’s……Pegasus is launched and performing. Already achieved old speed of 26 knots and hoping to improve with some work on props as we are only revving at 4600 at the moment at least 500 rpm to go.

In the Market?

It is worth checking the For Sale items today as 2 rare David Still Delta 25′s have come up for sale and the even rarer Force 8 has been reduced to £3000 and is looking for a good home..


For those of you who remember the 60′s era and the amazing array of different designs that raced here in that decade, take a look at this site for boats that should have appeared at Cowes but often never did..the Viareggio-Bastia-Viareggio race .It was the Italian equivalent of the C-T and Marco Bertini’s site is an amazing history of this race with unique pictures of craft that never made it to our shores but should have done plus pictures of British entrants including Delta 28. Here are two I had heard of but never seen pictures of..the Aronow hull of Blu Tornado and Cmdr A .Petroni designed Volpe. With thanks to Marco for “Saving History”.

Footnote ; Volpe D’Argenta was built of aluminium and powered by 2 BPM Vulcano’s totalling 800hp..she was supposed to have taken part in the Round Britain and Cowes Torquay but the entry never materialised.


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