Perkins x2

Have received an update from Nick re the progress on HTS..accompanied by pictures of the new engines and what beasts they are!…..

The 2 new engines, currently being built at the Perkins factory for HTS.. No paint yet. 1 will be fitted with a high capacity 2 1/2″ water pump piped to the engine bay, and cockpit with a change over valve as an additional safety feature ( hopefully NOT required ) in addition to the 3 electric and 1 manual bilge pump…..

Keep us up to date Nick…boat pics next please…


Is it fate that as one missing racer turns up that we are reminded of the ones that have been lost. The year 1963, January…the location Earls Court and it is the Pool at the Boat Show. On display we have the winner of the previous years race none other than Tramontana, next to her we have a new boat the beautiful Spirit of Ecstacy…both now totally lost. With thanks to Terry Calvert..




Replica raceboat…

Interesting news received this weekend that a famous 60′s prize winning raceboat is to be cloned!……..and four examples will be built to be ready for her 50th birthday which is still a few years away. All five may possibly be raced!…lets hope this fascinating project gets off the ground… due to the embargo and the amount of planning involved full details cannot be divulged as yet…..but be sure we will stay on top of this breaking story..