Restorations continuing into 2009

I sincerely hope you are all surviving this financial crisis and will not bore you with anything of that nature but wish all members a Good One if that is possible.

The first news in 2009 is of the restoration of Vivacity, which has been confirmed by two separate parties and that she will be refitted with Cummins Diesels.

The next piece of good news is of the restoration of one of Keith Schellenberg’s racers “the Flying Dewsbury” a 22ft Tremlett, brief articles will appear in the restoration section soon.

Whilst on holiday over the New Year I was fortunate to be able to meet with Sonny and Ann Levi and over lunch he entertained with snippets of information about the early years of the sport and some of the problems he encountered with so called designers of the day. I can reveal no more but subject to his ok an article will appear as soon as possible.

On the subject of Sonny, who is now a sprightly 82, it is about time he was properly recognised by his peers and at the next meeting or AGM I will propose we instigate a new trophy. Again full details once discussed at committee level, I also hope to visit Sebastion Stapleton soon and view A’Speranziella and there is still unfinished business with “Surfury”.
Our Committee is in need of new blood and one post is soon to be filled, if anyone is interested in helping by serving with us please contact John Iddon or myself.

Finally after the good news of Tramontana 2 undergoing rebuild I have again contacted our Italian helper to chase up current info on the original Tramontana, we cannot let this beast fade away, anyone won the lottery and able to assist in her recovery contact us straight away! Please!

Let’s hope the current situation does not wreck the planning of this year’s racing and we see some or all of you at the Brass Monkey.

Mike James Commodore