Seasons Greetings 2008

Well firstly “Seasons Greetings” to everyone….. and what a way to start the New Year with the news that the other mighty Vosper boat Tramontana II, is alive a kicking in Germany, is undergoing a major rebuild after being used in the Med for many years.

She has apparently been through many scrapes since she was sold by Tim Powell including the fitting of a Gazelle Gas Turbine which proved to powerful for her and result in her trying to emulate her name and take off! This was replaced by 3 300hp outboards and now she is to be fitted with two high powered diesels. Full details will be posted as received. Now lets see what we can do with Tramontana I!
Next I would like to thank John Iddon for his sterling work in 2008 who, along with Weymouth Council, is working towards the staging of the Harmsworth Trophy in 2010.

This is another of the COPOC objectives we promised members which in line with the COPOC / RMYC “Needles Trophy” will continue the revitalisation of the offshore sport. Please put all your support behind us to carry forward the revival, which was so admirably started by Mike Lloyd and the RBR08 and the BPRC / Cowes Committee Cowes -Torquay.

If we fail to capitalise on these achievements even taking in to account the financial crisis, which if the cards are played right could work in our favour, as industry starts it upward climb out of recession, then everything could be lost.
The club as I have said before, is for all who enjoyed the sport as it was, enthusiast, spectator and racer alike, as John has mentioned in the newsletter, we know of 45 race craft in existence, some in rebuild, others ready to race, be it in regular or Historic classes, we are definitely on a roll!

We will see, especially after Mike Lloyd’s discussions with Fabio Buzzi, a new set of rules based on the sports original ideas. Therefore it is vitally important that you, as a member, encourage anyone who has the slightest regard for its history, to join us and bring whatever enthusiasm for the sport into the fold, after all strength lies in numbers and we need you as much as you need us.

I feel it is vital also that we work with the BPRC, Cowes Committee and the hopefully rekindled UKOBA to these ends, also note that where Britain leads others have started to follow and if managed correctly the sport could / should be stabilised at last.

A Happy New Year to everyone and a successful 2009 season.

Mike James Commodore


Hot on the heels of the news of HYDROSONIC SPECIAL being found in Italy, comes news of yet another Cowes Torquay boat which is already receiving a major rebuild, that boat is the Cox and Haswell, Christchurch Yachts, “Pegasus” no 128, which raced in ‘65 and ‘66 taking the Concours Trophy for owner Mr A Jacobs. She was replaced in 67 by the slightly larger but Perkins powered Pegasus this time in a Navy and white livery as opposed to the original all white, from the same builders.
New owner David Heffer will be sending details of her restoration for the Webster.

New Member Ian Swinney has brought to the club a famous Aronow boat none other than MALTESE MAGNUM TWIN and is now hunting for any details and information which would assist in its rebuild. Please contact Ian through the club or through the Boatmad forum where he contributes as Delta28.

The Earls Court Show was according to the organisers a success and the dates for next year already given, for your diaries November 25th to 29th and after the beautiful Hunt designed Humdrum’s appearance this year bringing in an endless flow of compliments it will be good to have some equally amazing craft there next year which I am already working on!!

Humdrum at The Sail, Power & Watersports Show

The club logo has undergone a minor redesign and new ones will be available in the new year.

I know it is still a long way off but planning for the 50th Anniversary of the Cowes Torquay, is due to start. Owners of craft who participated in the race from 1961 to 1991 should please register with us their intent to display or demonstrate their steed preferably in original livery with race no, after all the way this year has sped by it gives you 20 months to prepare.

Mike James