Levi find in Italy

It seems to be the year for Sonny Levi discoveries with the news that HYDROSONIC SPECIAL , Mike Trimmings mount for the 1967 Cowes-Torquay has been discovered in Italy minus engines but in remarkably good condition and will be restored.

Who What When Where?

Does anyone know the full story behind this unique craft.

The Basildon Boating Museum is home to an unsual and rare craft powered by a gas turbine, it was used as a commuting vessel between oilrigs and was known as PACEMAKER. The hull is designed on the Dynaplane principal and features two V shaped foils at the stern which are hydraulically adjustable.

She is built from Aluminium and is approx 39 – 40ft.

One such boat was entered in the 1971 Cowes Torquay called Smuggler and was built by Ernie Freezer’s yard to a John Teal design.

If anyone can fill in the history of Pacemaker please let us know.

Mike James